Pump Repairs

Our company accumulates 40 years of service experience in marine sector and recently has introduced a separate division, dealing with pump spare parts supply.

During past years, we have developed long-term collaboration with leading shipping companies, in manufacturing and provision of top quality spare parts as, impellers, shafts, casings, casing rings, mechanical seals etc.

Throughout that collaboration , an extensive database have been generated, for various pump types and makers, as NANIWA, SHINKO, TEIKOKU, HEISHIN, TAIKOKIKAI and many more others.

In addition we provide reverse engineering services, as moulds manufacturing while we could receive orders based on old samples provided by your company.

All of our services are certified with ISO 9001 by BVQI, since 2001.

Introduction of brand new Pump Spare Parts Exchange Programme (PSPEP)

Click here for sample of Pump Casing Repair.

The main objective of the programme, is to propose a solution to shipping companies, in order to save 000’s of dollars annually, regarding provision of new pump spare parts.

 How PSPEP works

  •  Customer delivers to our premises scrap/used/worn pump parts, (e.g. casings, covers, shafts, impellers, mechanical seals, casing rings etc), with tags attached, including pump characteristics (Pump Manufacturer, Pump Model, Application, Motor Output).
  • Our experienced technicians, evaluate condition of each part delivered. Each part is noted as “repairable” (Category I) or “scrap” (Category II).
  • For Category I items, our company proposes possible repair methods and cost per item, in a fraction of money a new part would cost.
  • For Category II items, reverse engineering methods are applied (Dimensional drawings, models, moulds etc).


  • Pump parts stored on vessel as scrap, could be converted to as new spare parts.
  • Repair of worn parts (e.g. casings, shafts, mechanical seals etc) costs approximately 60-70% less than provision of a new one.
  • Shipping company will not rely on crew’s dimensional drawings.
  • For each vessel, an extensive database of pump spare parts is created, for future inquiries.
  • Short delivery time.
  • Top quality of final product.

 Many leading Greek shipping companies have already attained this programme, relying on our company’s 40 years of experience in marine industry.