Spare Parts

Pump Spare Parts During past years, we have developed long-term collaboration with leading shipping companies, in manufacturing and provision of top quality spare parts as, impellers, shafts, casings, casing rings, mechanical seals etc. Throughout that collaboration , an extensive database have been generated, for various pump types and makers, as NANIWA, SHINKO, TEIKOKU, HEISHIN, TAIKOKIKAI and many more others. In addition we provide reverse engineering services, as moulds manufacturing while we could receive orders based on old samples provided by your company. All of our services are certified with ISO 9001 by BVQI, since 2001. Spare parts available for the following makers and types: HEISHIN 180J, CY-12GN, HK-75E, HNP-301, HSY-2D, HSY-55M, HSY-60S, NE-30A, PSY-10J, PSY-6G, PVN-2, V-50, VDK-300J, VK-200E, VK-220E, VK-300E, VK-350E-B, VK-75E,...
MAKITA 47 Cylinder cover Condition: Used/Repaired
DAIHATSU DS 26 Cylinder cover Condition: Used/Repaired