Efficiency Enhancement

Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analysis for any pumping system reveals that during working life of a pump, more than 70% of the total cost of ownership, goes to maintenance and energy costs, while initial purchase price is a small part of the life cycle cost of the pump, as shown in the chart below:

Some studies have evaluated that up to 30% of the energy consumed could be saved through equipment or control system changes, while a pump could lose up to 50% of its efficiency because of mechanical wear of casing rings, extensive casing ring clearances and eroded/corroded casings and impellers.

Our company undertakes specialized repairs and protection services for efficiency enhancing, which includes:

  • Repair of worn/eroded/corroded casings. Application of epoxy coating to increase overall efficiency of the pump.
  • Repair of worn/eroded/corroded impellers. Rebuilding of worn vanes and mouth rings. Application of epoxy coatings to increase overall efficiency of the pump.
Independent laboratory testing has evaluated that specific epoxies used by our company, increase peak efficiency of the pump up to 7% for a brand new pump or up to 20% for a pump already in use, without including repair of other mechanical parts (casing rings, wear rings, bearings etc).
That leads to:
  • Savings on power consumption (from 7% up to 20% depended on condition of the pump)
  • Increased pump head and capacity up to 4%.
  • Increase of MTBR (Mean Time Between Repairs).
  • Spare parts replacement cost reduced.