Composite Repairs

New composite and epoxy materials  offer cost effective solutions, against replacing a worn part with a new one, at a fraction of final cost, while specialized coatings could extend significanly working life of your parts.

Our well trained technicians can undertake specialized repairs & protection services against wear, corrosion, erosion, cavitation, abrasion or chemical attack for various parts and applications, such as:

  • Pump Casings. Rebuilding of cutwaters, flow straighteners, casing ring housings, bearing housings etc.  Protection against cavitation, corrosion, erosion etc. Efficiency enhancing applying hydrophobic coatings. Repair of holed or cracked casings.
  • Pump Impellers. Protection against cavitation,erosion chemical attack  and corrosion or for efficiency enhancing. Rebuilding of eroded or damaged vanes. Efficiency enhancing applying hydrophobic coatings.
  • Engines. Repair of damaged casings. Reseating of cylinder liners. Rebuilding of liner seats and seals. Protection against corrosion on liners and cylinder block.
  • Heat Exchangers. Rebuilding of corroded/eroded tube sheets, damaged water boxes, end covers and channels. Protective coatings against corrosion and erosion for brand new or repaired parts.
  • Fans – Blowers. Rebuilding and protecting fan blades. Applying protective coatings against abrasion/corrosion/erosion. Rebuilding of internal casings.
  • Power Transmission. Repairs of shafts at bearing location. Keyway repair. Rebuilding of bearing housings. Rebuilding of tapered couplings.
  • Tailshafts/Rudders. Rebuilding of oversized pintles/pintle housings. Coatings resistant to erosion, cavitation and corrosion. Bonding pintle sleeves. Protection of propeller shafts. Repairing seal areas on pitch propellers.
  • Air Motors. Rebuilding of vane guides.