• Repair of main and auxiliary engines
    Inspection and repair of any type of main and auxuliary engines. Taking measurements of wear, play and clearance of mechanical components. Bearing fitting test.
    Adjustments of internal combustion engines timing. Trials of the repaired machinery.
  • Repair of engine room’s and deck’s auxiliary components
    Inspection of engine room’s, deck’s and pump room’s auxiliary machinery (pumps, compressors, coolers, valves, boiler’s relief valves, hydraulic motors, pneumatic motors, winches, anchor’s windlass etc).
  • Manufacturing and repair of machinery components
    Repair of worn parts, spare parts manufacturing, hydraulic trials, machinery’s condition register, measurements records.
  • Machinery spare parts
    Extensive stock of spare parts, new or repaired, from a variety of brands like:
  • Rebabbiting of bearings
    Rebabbiting of any type of white metals bearings.
    Testing of the adhesion on the backing surface by ultrasound methods and usage of materials based on manufacturer’s specifications.
    Processing and fitting of crosshead, connecting-rod pin and thrust bearings, as well as tail shaft’s and electric motor generator’s bearings.
  • Alignments
    Evaluation of concentricity, parallelism, verticality and straightness. Alignments of tail shafts, tail shafts bearings, main engines, electric motor generators, piston-cross head slipper-crankshaft of main engines. Deflection adjustments for marine engines.
  • In situ machining
    In situ machining of engines blocks, bedplates, as well as stern tubes, V-brackets, bearing pockets and liner’s honing.
  • Flying squads
    Flying squads of technicians for any type of repairs on ship, in extremely competitive prices, with the warranty of our company for the quality and the effectiveness of our works.
  • Drydocking operations
    Tail shafts and rudders inspection. Taking measurements, crack detection by magnaflux and dye check. Inspection and repair of simplex, pitch propellers, any type of valves, rebabbiting of stern tubes etc.