S.W. pump casing repair

Another successful transformation of an out of service/scrap bronze pump casing to “as new”.

Old SHIN-SHIN pump casing was delivered with extended damages on cutwaters, worn flow straighteners, sealing diameter almost 70% was missing, casing ring housing was clumsy rebuilded, plus several outwards holes on the body.


After initial sandblasting, more damages were revealed on the casing. Casing was then thoroughly cleaned and all loose material was removed.

Sealing and casing ring diameters were rebuild and machined back to nominal dimensions.

All worn cutwaters and flow straighteners were rebuild and reinforced.

After completion of all appropriate repairs, the whole casing was internally coated for extra corrosion and erosion resistance.

Casing was then delivered in “as new” condition, extending expected working life of the casing for several years.