Company’s site is located on the new Piraeus-Schisto avenue (near port of Piraeus), on self owned facilities, covering a total surface of 2000 sq.m.

The production department is situated at the ground floor, while the basement and the other 2 floors servicing the raw materials and spare parts warehouses.

The production department provides easy access to long trucks for loading/unloading of large objects and is serviced by 2 portal cranes with total lifting capacity of 20t. In addition is fully equipped with all the necessary mechanical tools for any type of process, from the smallest object to 8m long shafts and maximum diameter of 1250mm.

It is also accompanied with all the support networks (compressed air, high pressure oil, high pressure water) for the supplementary works (cleaning, paints, trials etc).

The Company occupy permanent personnel of 15 people, were most of them are working with us more than 15 years.